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Interruption of pregnancy, abortion

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Abortion is a minor surgical procedure that must be intentionally performed in order to terminate a pregnancy.

In general, the earlier the patient decides to terminate the pregnancy, the easier the procedure will be and the gentler it will be with regard to her health and other possible consequences - especially with regard to the next planned pregnancy.

According to Czech Act No. 66/1986 Coll., a woman can prepare for an abortion without restriction up to the 12th week of pregnancy (only at the patient's request). An ultrasound examination is necessary for an accurate estimation of the fetal size. If the measurement is no more than 11 weeks and 6 days, termination of the pregnancy is legal; if the foetus is larger, it cannot be done only at the patient's request.


  • 1. First contact our clinic by email, phone or arrange a video conference.
  • 2. Email the required documentation.
  • 3. We will suggest an operation and discuss the date options.
  • 4. You will travel to the Czech Republic for your surgery.

Under what circumstances is it not allowed to terminate a pregnancy upon request according to Czech legislation?

  • If during the last six months a similar procedure has already been carried out
  • If the size of the fetus measured by ultrasound is over the 12th week of pregnancy
  • If the woman is a foreigner outside the EU and does not have a long-term or permanent residence in the Czech Republic (a written document is required)


The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. After disinfection of the external genitalia and vagina, the cervix is captured with a special instrument and then the cervix is dilated (dilatation) using metal rods called dilators. Dilation is done according to the age of the pregnancy (the larger the pregnancy, the larger the dilation). Then the foetus is suctioned with a vacuum aspirator (vacuum aspiration, vacuum incision, vacuum extraction).

The optimal time frame for the procedure is 8-10 weeks. The larger the pregnancy, the more burdensome and risky it is for the patient and her body.


If a woman who has had an abortion has a negative Rh blood group, she must be given anti-D antibodies to prevent complications in the foetus during the next pregnancy. After any type of abortion, the blood type of the embryo cannot be detected and therefore all women who are Rh factor negative must receive the injection within 72 hours after the procedure.


  • The procedure is performed by a very experienced doctor
  • The procedure is performed gently by aspiration with disposable cannulas
  • Immediately after the procedure, an ultrasound examination is performed in the operating room
  • The total stay at the clinic is about 3 hours

How to plan your trip?

By plane:

  • Day 1:
    Arrival to Brno – Tuřany airport. From there you can take a taxi or a public bus number E76 that will take you straight to central Brno, to the Main Train Station in 18 minutes (please find here more information about transportation in Brno). You can spend your day in Brno according to your wishes, please find here some tips what to do.

  • Day 2:
    In the morning, you will come to our clinic Gynmeda at Lidická Street, 63a. Here you will meet your coordinator and your doctor as well. The procedure will take approximately 5-15 minutes. In case of general anaesthesia, you will be discharged 2-3 hours after the procedure and able to fly home that day with an escort (necessary distance of at least 5 hours from the operation). The patient is not able to drive a car after full anaesthesia on the day!

By car:

  • Day 1:
    In the morning, you will come to our clinic Gynmeda at Lidická Street, 63a. Here you will meet your coordinator and your doctor as well. The procedure will take approximately 5-15 minutes. In case of general anaesthesia, you will be discharged 2-3 hours after the procedure and able to go home. You need somebody to pick you up here and you won´t be able to drive a car after full anesthesia for 24 hours! In case of local analgesia, our doctor will discharge you immediately after the procedure and you´ll be able to go home right away.

    If you are advised by our doctor to have a pre-operative examination before general anaesthesia and you do not undergo it in your country, you will stay in Brno for 1 day longer.


After the procedure, it is advisable to take 1-2 days of rest. After that, we recommend 3 weeks of rest without much physical exertion (no heavy lifting, no long walks, no sexual intercourse or sports activities - risk of bleeding, no swimming in public pools or ponds - risk of infection). It is also advisable to shower only (avoid bathing) and use menstrual pads only.


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The treatment of pre-cancerous changes in the cervix is a small procedure – usually conization, which removes the affected tissue from the cervix. We also perform the procedure as a diagnostic-treatment process if we suspect that the lesion is hiding inside the cervix (eg. after repeated bad findings from oncological cytology). Conization of the cervix requires a small gynaecological procedure, which you don't have to be afraid of when it is performed by an experienced doctor. At our workplace, we perform several hundred of these procedures a year.


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Labioplasty is an aesthetic-surgical procedure in which small labia are changed and possibly their asymmetry is adjusted. The procedure is simple, has an immediate effect and is often very affordable.


  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Difficulties - excessively large lips usually cause problems when walking, cycling or sports.


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Perineoplasty or plastic surgery of the perineum (this is the area between the vaginal entrance and the rectum).


  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Difficulties - after birth, the perineum is often damaged by tearing or excessive stretching, which is manifested mainly by an increase in the width of the vaginal entrance. This reduces the sex experience of both partners. The entrance is also ajar and the mucosa descends, which then comes into contact with the underwear. Inflammation of the vagina and urethra or its drying also occurs more often.