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About Gynmeda

Gynmeda Clinic was founded in 2014 by Mr. Rotter, a specialist doctor in the field, because he noticed a lack of specialized centres for women who require discreet and personalized attention with a sensitive approach in this area of healthcare, while avoiding long hospital stays.

Gynmeda is a family clinic, unique in its specialization and individual approach to each patient, whether it is the health care provided or the attention of always-smiling medical staff. The equipment of our operating theatres meets the strictest requirements for first-class European medical workplaces.

Our surgical practice is based on many years of experience from leading gynaecological workplaces, where we have been performing one-day surgeries at the highest level for more than 20 years. Nowadays, Gynmeda is one of the best specialized centres in the Czech Republic, performing hundreds of procedures annually, with a focus on hysteroscopies, laparoscopies, and other gynaecological procedures.


  • Team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience
  • One of the best rated specialized centres in the Czech Republic
  • Our treatment is tailored to each individual, with a dedicated coordinator available to assist you
  • State-of-the-art technologies and procedures
  • Hundreds of procedures a year
  • Our operating theatres are equipped to meet the highest standards required for first-class European medical workplaces
  • Free dates for procedures within 4 weeks
  • Always smiling staff and friendly atmosphere