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Dr. Hlouskova is absolutely great: human, authentic, erudite at the same time. I feel like a person with her, without the usual barrier of doctor-patient status, which I appreciate very much.
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The incredible approach of Mr. Dr. Rotter and the nurses, I am extremely satisfied with the course of the procedure (I underwent conization of the cervix under local anesthesia, absolutely painless and quickly). The doctor explains everything beautifully, it can be seen that he really understands his profession. The patient feels very well here from arrival to departure. + beautiful premises and good music plays during the procedure, so it's almost like a concert :) thank you!
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L. N.

I have been living abroad for a long time, but I always return to the Czech Republic for visits because Gynmeda's professionalism and at the same time a nice family environment - that cannot be compared!
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K. S.

I would like to share my experience with the Gynmeda Brno gynecological center here. The first procedure in my life (cervical conization) was waiting for me. Since I fainted after the biopsy at my doctor's (and my doctor only does conization under local anesthesia), I finally decided to go for a consultation with MUDr. Leopold Rotter. I read on the website that it is possible to choose general anesthesia. The doctor explained everything to me, gave me room to ask questions and I really felt comfortable during the consultation. I was booked a week after the consultation for a procedure with general anesthesia. (Which was great because he managed to get the procedure done before Christmas). The nurses were really kind and nice, and I must also say that I was extremely satisfied with the anesthesiologist. She was very sensitive, talking to me before I fell asleep and stroking my hand. I was awake 20 minutes after the procedure, and my partner drove me home in 2 hours. There is nothing to fear. I felt completely fine and the healing was almost painless. The environment is modern and clean. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the entire team that took care of me. If I had to choose again, it would definitely be Gynmeda!
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S. K.

My doctor sent me to Gynmeda for the procedure. I came there scared, but for no reason. Everyone treated me great here, I got the information I needed. A kind attitude that is not automatic everywhere. I warmly recommend. Beautiful environment, but above all a great team of professionals!
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J. G.

Thank you very much for the kind-hearted, professional and human approach and kind behavior to the entire staff of Gynmeda. The pleasant environment enhances everything and the pre-Christmas mood was unrepeatable. Everything was explained to me carefully and with a smile on my face. I left with a pleasant feeling and I am glad that I visited you I wish you all the best in everything. With love and respect, J.G.
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R. D.

I had a conization today. Dr. Rotter's approach was absolutely amazing. He explains everything. The procedure took five minutes. I didn't feel anything, nothing hurt. The procedure was under local anesthesia. It's worth coming to this clinic. Human approach of the nurses. I definitely recommend it, there is nothing to be afraid of.
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A. K.

Today I underwent cervical conization under local analgesia. In my eyes, this procedure can be described simply in three words: I come - I lie down - I leave. I would like to write more about my feelings, but there is really nothing to write about. Five seconds of cold, ten seconds of pressure, growling of the device... and just when I was getting the impression that something was going to happen, it sounded: "DONE!" I am three hours after the procedure and I am still in Jiřík's vision. If the nurse hadn't shown me the test tube with the collected material, I wouldn't have believed that something really happened. My message to women: if you are worried about conization in local analgesia, believe me that calculus cleaning is probably worse. I thank the doctor and the nurses for their very professional approach. Amazing, unreal...
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